Project Management

What is Project Management?

A temporary entreprise with a definite result (a product or service, for example).
Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet customer requirements and achieve the desired result, balancing purpose, quality, timing, resources and risks at work.
In other words, it consists in ‘identifying the purpose of the project, activities and resources necessary to join, organizing and integrating the work through meetings and inspections and in mediating between the different needs of those involved (the so-called stakeholders)’.
Why Do You Need a Project Manager?
Because coordinating a project means organizing, integrating, balancing and mediating. To do this, there are technical and precise coordination methods and it is more effective if an external entity focuses on this role as it knows the methods to be followed.

Why should you use us?

For three reasons:
1) our focus: we are focused on research projects and this allows us to operate with competence.
2) our education: we have technical-scientific training, with experience in basic and applied research in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and ICT. Add to that experience and management training as well as business dynamics and this allows us both to understand the projects that we follow in depth, and manage the more general requirements of the enterprise. Thus we can propose ideas that are valid from a technical point of view and which are feasible from a business standpoint.
3) our approach: we try to anticipate our customer’s needs: always going to them with our work proposal, which can then be reviewed and modified, so avoiding any panic created by a blank sheet of paper. We guide the customer throughout the project, from submission to closing. We face some difficult steps with them as wall as any program changes.

What can you use us for?

Project management activities developed by IN substantially
guide the management or operational management of the entrepreneur in the business selected and/or individual projects for innovation and investment through one single and dedicated managment figure, certified SMEs (www.pmi.org).
The client can choose from these measures or a combination of them which is the most indicated for them.

  • Defining and tailoring the minimum requirements of the initiative.
  • Critical review of the hypothesis design and identification of critical areas.
  • Study of detailed scenario with preparation of successive drafts of the SWOT analysis.
  • Acquisition in collaboration with customer support specialists, and any of the information needed to complete execution strategies, monitoring and to control the in-coming of the Project.
  • Shadowing of the customer throughout the design process.
  • Interventions on specific critical spots (including by telephone or e-mail).
  • Creating a knowledge base for the project or contract.
  • Tailored training for the personnel in various stages of design (presentation, implementation, closing and reporting).